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We have three sections in this set of rules for <Equitas>.

1 Social and guild structure.
2 Raiding.

1.1 Social conduct,
When you are a member of Equitas you are expected to treat other members with respect, regardless of rank.
You are expected to behave as an ambassador of Equitas when interacting with people outside the guild.
If you have a problem with any member regardless of rank and you feel the need that it´s running out hand the Warcouncil are here to help you mediate.

1.2 Ranks.
We have a chain of command, this is not to be broken. We have a structure for a reason and that´s to avoid chaos. So therefore officers have a last say in any matter.

:Admiral,Warcouncil and officer-alts are the Guildmaster and officers of Equitas.
:Veterans - are longlasting members of Equitas that´s been a core part of the guild in some way along the lifetime of the guild.
:Soldiers - Are the raiders of Equitas. They are the ones that´s expected and will have a priority for our raids.
:Citizens are what we call our members that´s in here for a social spot.
:Squires - Soldiers and Citizens alts.
:Recruits- These are the ones that just joined the ranks. After an trial period of two weeks the Warcouncil decide if they are what Equitas are looking for in a member. Alts of recruits will not be allowed until they´ve passed their trial.


2.1 Raiding hours and days.
Raiding will be conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. Invite time will be 19:15 servertime and start will be 19:30 servertime.
And these days we will focus on the progression-content that´s available at that time in-game.

2.2 Raiding structure.
Raidleading will be done by Leadion with assitance of the maintank. The raidleader will always take in suggestions and ideas during raiding about tactics but in the end the raidleaders word is final during the raid-evenings.
Raids will first and foremost contain of members of the Warcouncil and the ranks of Soldiers.

2.3 Preparation for the raids.
Bring necessary consumables for your class and role. Enchants , gems, potions and food.
Have somewhat of an idea of the tactics on the bosses that we will attempt that evening.
And please bring a smile. We will wipe, we will get back and we will get it done. But we can´t do that with people beeing frustrated.

2.4 Raiding and Teamspeak.
During raidevenings we will use the room on our TS-server called simply " Raiding Room".
When you are a part of the raid you are expected to use the setting "Push to talk" , this is to avoid unessecarily noice and echoes during attempts that can interupt the orders given by the raidleader.
On Teamspeak we are civil towards one and other. Don´t overstep any bounderies and be polite. We all love the banter that can happen during a night with friends, but think about what you say it may hurt the one that it´s directed to.


3.1 Teamspeak.
Teamspeak is hosted by Pandamonia and he´s also the one with the most control of it.
We expect Teamspeak to be used for pretty much every guild event there is. May it be PvP, Raids, 5-mans or just as an extended guild chat when you feel that you don´t want to type.
Like the raidingrules for Teamspeak in Equitas it´s most important that we treat eachother with respect and again, we all love the banter that can happen during a night with friends, but think about what you say it may hurt the one that it´s directed to.
And in the official rooms (Guild-Chat and Raiding Room) you will use the "Push to talk" setting., this is again to avoid echoes and other noices that may appear.

/Salute The Equitas Warcouncil
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