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Equitas is recruiting!!

Leadion / Oct 10, 2016
Currently Equitas are looking to bolster its ranks ! We are looking for more people to our raiding team to venture further into heroic Emerald nightmare and beyond. Current progress 7/7 normal and 2/7 heroic.

As of right now we are looking for ranged DPS, especially Shadowpriest and Mages. We´re also looking for additional healers, in perticular Paladin and Monks.

Social members are always welcome.

Equitas has been on the server <Argent Dawn> Since 2007, we are all about an active /g and doing content together.
To apply to the guild please use the application template.

If you have any questions further, please poke any member ingame and they will direct you to an officer of <Equitas>.


// Leadion-Admiral of <Equitas>.


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