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Slow on the updates !

Leadion / Nov 28, 2016
Equitas, been a bit quiet here on the forums of our website. However, ingame we´ve been busy!
Heroic Xavius is DOWN! And also working on normal Trials of Valor with 2/3 down in there.

Recruitment is steady and we are always looking for new people to join our ranks.
We also updated our page to be more infomative.

Christmas are around the corner and we all know that it´s the time when some of us has alot to do.
Hopfully we can come back after the hollidays eager to play again.
Killing bosses left right and center to burn the Christmas-food!

But until the holidays, we like to smack the Xavius over the mouth again !

For the alliance ! And For Equitas !

// Leadion


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