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Ahoy! We´re back at it !

Leadion / Aug 23, 2017
We´ve been slow on the updates. But now it´s time , We´re currently battling the Avatar in ToS and beeing 7/9 heroic ToS. even tho the summer struck us somewhat hard!

Also we´re looking for more people to diverese our raidteam, for the first time in age´s we´re lacking plate DPS!
So if you´re a Doubletwohander/Arms-Wielding beserker, a Shivering raiser if the undead, plague wielding master of Death or a wielder of the Ashbringer! You might have a fast-track into the roster !

We´ve also extended our Warcouncil, welcomeing Exinferis and Kealnie to managament.

Looking forward to beeing able to descend on Argus ! Hope we smack down the KJ before that :)
Hope to see you all under the EQ-banner,.

// Leadion, Admiral of Equitas


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